Life is Moments

Life is Moments

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This video is about my life-lesson from 2016, that I realized during traveling from Russia to Iceland. And I’m happily sharing my small peaces of wisdom and inspiration in this video!


Это видео я делала прежде всего для себя, чтобы осознать простую истину: жизнь- моменты, которые я хочу проживать так глубоко, на сколько это возможно.
Порой в путешествиях было настроение и поснимать, и позаписывать мысли… в этот ролик, конечно, влез только 1% архива кадров из десятка стран, которые я повидала в 2016-ом…ну, суть не в этом, суть в моём личном уроке, который я в итоге привезла..и через это видео я с радостью делюсь своими маленькими открытиями с вами!
В видео кадры в основном из Исландии, Испании, так же есть из Норвегии,Германии, Австрии, Юга России, не помню от куда еще…)

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Заранее извиняюсь перед теми, кто не понимает английского- для вас оставляю тут текст, который при желании можно загнать в переводчик:

Life is moments.
And moments are hiding in life.

In sparkling sounds of drops of the rain, in beats of music, in blinking of eyes, in running steps, in knocking a doors…

Moments are living in moving, fleeting emotions.
Moments are changing with a moods, colors, lights and flying clouds.

Moments are in endless shining of the stars, dancing drops of the ocean. Moments are all around.
In this spase…

And space is not a countries, miles or meters. Space is the air, that we’re breathing in…

Your moments are as alive as you wish.
Most easy receipt of happiness — is to forget about past, do not think about feature but just to create your beautiful reality moment by moment. Right now.

Past- is just an experience, lessons that you learned or not. Don’t worry, it’s impossible to lost or complitly forget it, but you don’t need to think about it always, don’t waste your precious moments…
Only in the moment of empty silence the wave of brand new life is coming inside of you.
Only when you’re stopping thinking, warring, waiting, counting, when you’re stopping running around in your minutes or hours, you’re beginning to live. Live in moments. Here and now.

Life is not a periods, years, hours or minutes.

And time is not a line and not a circles of the arrows on your clock. It’s going fast or slowly only in your mind.

You are not young or old. We have no age. We don’t need to count anything- years, girlfriends, boyfriends, times we spent alone or together, calories in breakfast or degrees in wine. Only in the feeling of moment, we understand, how valuable is everything that we do. How much it really weighs. This is only one truly appraisal.
Feeling the moments and melting in them. Letting the live go inside of us, moment by moment.
That’s why we are here.

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