Colors of Soul

Colors of Soul

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Keep you heart living in all the colors. And forget about grey stone, that you can have instead of it. Stones don’t know how to live and will never have a beautiful death and colorful regeneration one day.

My work is my endless passion. Colors live forever. Shine bright to leave them when you’ll gone.

Сердце- это когда ярко. И радостные, и трагичные цвета собираются в одно живое мерцание и, однажды, так же красочно гаснут. А камень, вместо сердца, он крепкий и серый. Но жизнь ли это, если не можешь даже умереть?


Good and bad parts of us are sanding inside during all life. If we don’t accept both of them we can’t reach the balance. If we’re fighting with our nature- we’re imbalanced again. If we don’t develop it all, we loosing ourselves.
This photo-story about strange kind of beauty, that even not strange, but just not usual for us. It’s about finding balance inside, about thin line between usual beauty and destructive power that we have. Don’t be afraid of everything that inside of you. Explore it, enjoy it, play with it.

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