Human’s Beauty

Human’s Beauty

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Good and bad parts are living inside all of us.
If we don’t accept both of them we can’t reach the balance. We can’t be perfectly nice or only mean. If we’re fighting with our nature- we’re imbalanced. If we don’t develop it all, we’re loosing ourselves.

It’s about finding balance inside, about thin line between nice beauty and destructive power that we have.

Beauty is not sweet. Only sugar is boring, only spices are hurting. It’s a mix of all the tastes, it’s versatile meal.

Beauty is like a ground that borns flowers. True beauty raises up in our minds things to explore, to think about.

Beauty is shining, not from the diamonds that you can were, but from eyes. The sparkles come from the depth of the soul. As deep as you can explore yourself, as more shining you will get out from your world into the world around you.

Nothing will make you so beautiful except your thoughts that you’re having every second. With each new thought you’re constructing your body and soul. Is it destructive or creative power of thoughts- you decide.

Even a bad thought can finally bring good and kind ideas as and actions in your live.


Human’s beauty is in our difference.
So don’t be afraid of everything that inside of you. Listen to it, explore it, enjoy it, play with it.


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  1. Your article was exlnecelt and erudite.

  2. Wow, you are mesmerizing and your pictures!

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