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I began to take out small pieces of my soul into details. This are stories about my moods from some stones and feathers, that I brought and found in different countries while travelling.

I belive in magic of nature and enjoy exploring people’s souls through nature elements (you know, when somwbody is flowing around you like water of getting burn like fire…our emotions are so beautiful…).

I’m talking to stones, I listen to their ancient wise stories about life and death. I learn a lot from them.

We can treat diseases and change moods with stones. with colors, with things that we just like to see or to wear.

This is what about my #krisp_details — we can feel more beautiful, more in good mood, more happy and more ourselves with some details. And I use for it my spesial stones, that I always choose with so much love…

So here are my emotions, my moods and my inspiration for you…’

More photos and all previous collections are here.


  • You can find more information and ask me in Instagram: #krisp_details or on FB: https://www.facebook.com/kristina.ponomareva.984
  • And I have two albums with things that are available for buyinng here and with things thal already sold here.

Every thing I make only once. Don’t repeat things… Woman can’t have same mood twice, you know.. 😉


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