Life is a Road

Life is a Road

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Life is a road. And life on road is a good way to feel the life.

I belive in incredible magic and huge knowledge, that travel expirience gives us.

Remember this times, when you are on the way to somewhere, when you’re moving slowly or fast, when you’re flying, riding, swiming, running throw the space…isn’t it a simillar to feeling of how your life-road is going on?

Road takes time, energy, drains body, makes us scared, deprives of some things that we need. But road gives much more instead of it. It creates time in memories, actions in expirence, moving in exploring the World.

When we’re on the road to somewhere, we can feel, how the space that we’re moving in, is piercing and penetrating into our bodies and souls. This is the wisdom of the Earth is coming in.

More fast and more consciously we move, more tiny pieces of Universe are getting into us with it’s energy, history and wisdom of the land that we’re exploring in that moment.

Each centimeter of the ground saw much more than every one of us during all the life. It keeps knollige about living and daing, about everithing that had happening here before we came.

Passing centimeter by centimeter we’re getting the wisdom of the Earth. Ancient, deep and so alive.

Two people can’t cover one distanse from point A to point B in the same way even if they are traveling or living together. This is one more miracle about the roads and life-roads- everybody get from it what they want.

And when you’re looking far, you can feel, how your thoughts are flying as far as you look.This is so important- to give freedom for your eyes and thoughts, like letting the birds fly away from the birdhouse.

None of the books will never tell you this incredible stories, that you can read in your mind during the road because in this moment of traveling the Land itself teachs you with it’s poems.

So, if you can leave a cozy comfort of your daily life, if you can open your mind for the whole word that is full of different roads, highways and paths, if you are not afraid of this endless way of explorig, one day you will bring home much more than typical touristic photos from beautiful places…You will get the story about yourself from Lands and Spaces that you passed.

The longest road- is road to yourself. Throw your body in different places of planet- may be you will meet your mind somewhere there…

And enjoy your way. Every short trip, every small path, every step. Feel it. This is what every road is trying to tell us.



I’m continue my photo-story about People, that I Meet and here are the photos of amazing guys, with whom I was traveling last month while shooting this video.

It was real happines- to meet them suddenly on my way, to enjoy the travelling together.



Nikola. We crossed 5 countries in 5 days. For me it was spontaneous trip from Munich to Sochi in Nikola’s boxed car and it was so good decision- to join him!

HERE are all the photos with Nikola

And HERE are some travel photos, that I made during this trip.


Next friend fom road is Ivan Pchelin. My old russian fellow from teenage times that found me in Germany and took to Austria.

All the photos with this amazing guy are HERE

My travel photos from Austria are HERE


Nadja and her friends, that I met In Austria.

Girls, that travel in bus…they are so interesting and simple at the same time. I Enjoyed spending weekend with them a lot!

All the photos with girls are HERE


And thank you for all! For travelling with me, for being my models (it was really funny), for reading and  watching my photo and video stories.

You’re making my life as it’s now and I’m really happy with all this things that are happening 🙂

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