My Friends

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To be honest, i don’t love to make photos that are full of happiness every time. I’m tired of it. It’s too easy- to catch only one side of feelings. But happiness sells good.


So this story is about a girl and her friends.

This is not invisible friends. But you can see how she is communicating with them. And they are very different. Some of them wear red coat and sleep next to her. Another look like small shining spots in the air and play with her. Third are invisible.

And this friends are living outside of her as different visible things and inside of her as the thoughts at the same time. You don’t need people-friends if you have ideas to think about or imagination. But you need people to get experience.

This photoshoot is trying to tell about my feeling of world again, about way of communicating with it. About playing and talking with visible and invisible subjects, ideas, thoughts.


Эта история про нее и ее друзей.

Ее друзья танцуют с ней, носят красные пальто и плащи, вылетают цветными шариками из розеток…


part 1


part 2


part 3


part 4


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