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I began to take out small pieces of my soul into details. This are stories about my moods from some stones and feathers, that I brought and found in different countries while travelling. I belive in magic of nature and enjoy … Продолжено

Life is a Road

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Life is a road. And life on road is a good way to feel the life. I belive in incredible magic and huge knowledge, that travel expirience gives us. Remember this times, when you are on the way to somewhere, … Продолжено

Beauty of Death

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Even the death is an incredible moment of the life. And it’s beautiful. Feel the value of every moment of your life until you became dead. Breath and watch while you have a chance. Get experience, try something new, feel … Продолжено

Road to Nowhere

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Sometimes the time, that you spent in road is much more important than that moment, when you’re on top, This trip to the highest spot of Germany Zugspitze was a lesson for me. I was enjoing the road so much and … Продолжено

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