Hi! This is a flat in Munich for renting for tourists. You can rent 1, 2 rooms or all apartment (how you like). And this room is for parties and people can use it also for sleeping (owners have extra-mattresses for guest of the renters). Nobody will rent this apartment longer than for 2-3 months, so it’s a good chance for me to create something a little bit crazy- to make tourists interested in renting this flat, to surprise them with all this colors and to give them a special atmosphere in Munich. And renters will not be tired of all this colors and textures because it’s not their place for living for 19021307834839203… years. I used this chance and played with my design and decorative ideas.

Cupboard and chairs in this room (that we’ve got from previous owners) I painted myself. Its cheaper than to buy new and I really enjoyed the process. Wallpapers and newspapers for the wall I found wherever I could- while walking on the streets, in cafes, in hardware stores (it was an examples of wallpapers that people can take away and to taste at home)- so we spent money only on glue for this wall. And guests can keep beer for parties in this coffer-table…Welcome to my vision of cozy party-room for tourists!

Some photos of my work-in-progress are HERE in blog.