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Hello! My name is Kristina, I’m freelance artist, and I’m trying to find the place for my art in the World. Love Photoshooting, Design of interior (it’s my main education and first love), draw and sew sometimes. In photography my favorite genres are art portrait and photoshooting while traveling. I write stories about my photo and travel expirience for wedsites, magazines and in my blog. And also have YouTube Channel, but most of the videos there are on Russian, sorry, guys :))

I work as decorator or designer of interior.

Adore creating the space for different projects, giving ideas for people, and inspire them to make something really interesting together.

I worked in Russia, Munich, Morocco for photostudio, apartment for rent and hostel and in few more countries and in many different projects, but didin’t update my portfolio with this projects for two reasons: if I worked remote and didn’d have chance to make good photos of interiors/decorations by myself (of if I leaved country before finishing project and finished it remote), and second reason- if I aready have analogs of this ideas in my portfolio.

I’m also teaching people with everithing that i know. Was teacher in photoschool, made different workshops and art-projects for my lovely students.

Everything that I do, I do with true love and and with my own feeling of style. I think, that this is the best way to live.

Have a good time on my website… and at all!




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